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RP TRONIC® is our most important invention, the one that made our name well renown in the world of watermakers. It is the only real automatic system for watermakers. Many competitors keep trying to copy it, without any good result. RP TRONIC® automatically regulates the watermaker's pressure. RP TRONIC® objective is to make its users forget that they have a desalination plant on board. By inventing RP TRONIC® we have also invented a brand new concept: watermakers working as household appliances. Why is RP TRONIC® so important? It is well known that seawater's temperature and salinity may vary depending on weather conditions, physical position and many other factors. Temperature and salinity directly affect seawater's density, which affects the watermaker's pressure. This is a dangerous problem, since sudden pressure variation will not only affect the quantity of fresh water that can be produced, but may also threaten the health of the membranes. The main consequence of this problem, which is typical of manual machines, will be that the user will try to manually regulate the watermaker's pressure in order to maintain it at good levels. To do that, the user will have to go inside the narrow, hot and smelly engine room. No one wants to spend time inside this room! We invented RP TRONIC® to let users make water without doing anything but pressing the START button (it can even be done using a smartphone or a remote panel). RP TRONIC® is available for the following series: UC, SC KIT, SC, SC DOUBLE, SC DOUBLE V, V SERIES, V ELITE, SC DOUBLE X-CUBE.