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The HP SILVER ION is a freshwater sterilizer and it's based on a well proven method that has been used for centuries. The use of silver ions for disinfection is harmless to humans, meeting the requirements of the European Community directive 80/778 / EEC. As a further advantage, it avoids the corrosion of the pipes normally caused by chlorination, a method frequently used for the sterilization of the tanks. HP SILVER ION sterilizes the water in the fresh water tank without the need for the crew to intervene and without the need of maintenance. Even the stored water is sterilized without any manual adjustment. The long-lasting sterilizing effect of the silver ions does not change the taste, smell or color of the water, making it ideal for numerous applications. Capacity up to 240 m3 / day with 0.1 ppm silver ion concentration. Concentration of silver ions within the requirements of the EC directive 80/778 / EEC
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